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Everyone has a story to tell! The Personality of the month series exclusively interviews chief executive officers and company founders who are at the height of their career and at the helm of their firms to develop an engaging and inspiring article. We find out their journey, their challenges, their business philosophy as well as the underlying principles to their successes.

For our maiden publication, we are proud to feature the Vice President of IBAG and the Managing Director of La Villa Boutique hotel, Olma colonial suites, Business Jet among a list of other business portfolios, Mr. Nii Amaa Ollennu.


The 46year old Italo-Ghanaian entrepreneur has had an eye for business from a very young age. He started his business journey from humble beginnings with the sale of t-shirts, organizing events, managing shops while in high school through to the University. Growing up in countries like Italy, Venezuela, the United Kingdom and Ghana shaped him into accepting challenges, making him open minded in his viewpoints on life. He considers himself lucky for the life that he has lived and has always understood that he has a moral responsibility to himself to harness and direct his incredible energy and enthusiasm of life into something meaningful and worthwhile.

He describes his mandate in life as “to participate, to improve, to generate, and to think that which was not thought before”.

Nii Amaa is a family man. He is married with two beautiful girls and residing in Accra.

He attributes his successes to family, acknowledging the immeasurable support from his parents and the mentorship he received from his late grandfather, Mr. Raphael Nii Amaa Ollennu who was a Supreme court Justice and a Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana (1969 to 1972) and was an acting President of the Republic of Ghana during the Second Republic (7- 31 August 1970). In Nii Amaa’s own words “having a grandfather of such intelligence and generosity and with great achievements for this nation, has instilled in me the passion and responsibility to create sustainable projects that will last beyond me”. Even though Grandpa Nii Amaa passed away while Nii Amaa was in his early teens, he is still being inspired by his memories along with a host of lawyers who read his books and revere him till today.

Nii Amaa is a people’s person. He thrives in meaningful interactions and partnerships which helps create jobs while realizing his dream. His staff consider him as an incredible and a humorous boss; always positive, encouraging and full of energy.

When asked about his hobbies, Nii Amaa said horse riding, sailing, bush and mountain solo trekking were his favorites. No surprise there! In his tranquil moments, he is a voracious reader much like his grandpa.


After 13years of running towards the dream, Nii Amaa has always considered Ghana as his root and continuously strives to add value to his country. He runs an orphanage called ME WE which supports destitute children. He takes great pride in contributing to success stories; two of his orphans are currently enrolled in the university and he is confident they will go on to become productive citizens of Ghana. As Ghana attains more international traction, Nii Amaa is hopeful for better business years to come despite the fierce competition in the hospitality industry and increasing borrowing rates.

Being half Italian and half Ghanaian, his objective is to connect his two home countries by helping to realize the conversion of IBAG into a chamber of commerce which will serve to support other entrepreneurs and business minded people like himself in the pursuit of their dreams. This, he considers would be personally fulfilling for him.

He encourages readers who have a desire to expand their network and grow their businesses to join the Association. His business advice is simple; “Put together a business plan and go for it“.

What is next for our ambitious and illustrious PERSONALITY FOR OCTOBER? The sky is only the limit for Mr. Nii Amaa Ollennu.

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