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Meet Jeff Luneau, IBAG Personality for May 2020

Everyone has a story to tell!

This monthly series dubbed “Get to Know our Members” exclusively interviews IBAG members to share insights into their business and personal lives. In this issue we speak to Jeff Luneau.

Our Personality for May 2020 is Jeff Luneau, our 47-year old vibrant member of Greek and French descent. Growing up, Jeff saw the highs and lows of life. His father was a self-made man of the 60’s and his mother was a successful PR Manager. For most of his adult life, Jeff was an artist, casting and featuring in musical shows and concerts. Nonetheless, it was not all fun. Jeff experienced a period 4-6 months where he had to sing in Parisian subways to exhibit his talent and make ends meet! Jeff is however grateful for those times as it brought him a number of outstanding stage gigs. At age 27, Jeff decided to switch into food art and run a restaurant business as a steadier source of income. He lived in London for 7 years to explore the world of cuisines and discover his taste and creativity for fine food catering.

Jeff moved to Ghana in 2014 to fulfill his need to create and share emotion. He was indeed astonished to the Ghana he came to meet, which was very unlike what he had seen in the media back in Europe. He run La Brazzerie by Woods from 2015 to 2019. After the termination of the partnership, Jeff continued to provide outside food catering to his clients. Recently, due to the disruption of his food business as a consequent of the covid-19 pandemic, Jeff has temporarily delved into the design and fabrication of cotton nose masks for the local and international market. Today, he has 8 ladies working full time from his courtyard. Creativity at its best! Jeff saw an opportunity, a ready market and he took it.

Jeff is an avid follower of current affairs. He indulges himself in understanding the ways of the world. Jeff is the last of seven siblings. In Ghana, his family is his girlfriend.

IBAG – Italian Business Association of Ghana

Jeff joined IBAG in solidarity to the Italians he met in Europe who helped to shape his business acumen. In his own words “I worked with Italians in Paris and in London and that is what shaped what I do today. I owe Italians my business mindset, design ideas, food… a lot”. Jeff is hopeful that IBAG would grow to accommodate the needs of small startups like himself and individuals with business aspirations.

Evidently, IBAG members are not all Italians and Ghanaians. The common theme that run through our members is – doing business in Ghana and/ or Italy. For this reason, we welcome all nationalities to join our fold. Contact us for more information.

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