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Italy is ranked 10th in terms of foreign projects registered in Ghana as at the first quarter of 2016. Ghana’s exports to Italy reached almost GHS2.2 billion, while imports from Italy amounted to GHS 500 million in 2012. The majority of Ghana’s exports to Italy are petroleum products. The Italian oil and gas project at the Offshore Cape Three Point is the largest single foreign investment in Ghana. In 2018 alone, bilateral trade between Italy and Ghana yielded nearly €400 million. This was possible due to the two countries long-standing economic cooperation and shared values.


Joining IBAG allows companies access to a vast international network of companies and maximizes corporate visibility at a minimal cost. The support offered by IBAG is crucial for companies looking to expand their operating markets both here and abroad, and for companies looking to expand their professional and trade networks. IBAG closely follows and assists its members in the carrying out of projects and commercial collaborations, also through the organizing of private and public events.


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IBAG has garnered a reputation as a formidable and reliable partner for collaborations with other entities to become the voice of the business community to the Ghana government and make a difference in Ghanaian communities.


We collaborate with the Italian Embassy in Ghana to organise specific events which promotes the goodwill image of Italy and Italians living in Ghana.

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The Ghana Italian Women Association; Founded in 1992, GIWA is an association of vibrant women whose mission is to support the grassroots of communities by providing basic household amenities and educational resources. GIWA have been instrumental in our fundraising efforts to give back to communities in need. GIWA is a designated partner of IBAG


IBAG is a member of the European Business community of Ghana

"On behalf of ITARE, I would like to express our gratitude to the Italian Business Association of Ghana (IBAG) for their help and assistance in the organisation of our workshop  “How to source Italian technologies and the instruments of cross-border financing”, held in Accra on October 8th, 2019.
IBAG deep knowledge of the local environment and network of contacts in the world of Ghanaian entrepreneurs has been a key factor of success for the event: one hand, facilitating the logistics of the event, and on the other hand, enabling us to better reach the target audience.
We trust this is the beginning of a long term and mutually beneficial collaboration"

Giorgio Traietti
Head of Business Development

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